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Pavl Operating System.

Fast. Simple. And modern.

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Quick and easy
to set up.

What is PavlOS?

PavlOS is a safe operating system without BIOS so it works like an application on Windows.
In PavlOS you've got everything you need with good looking and easy to learn UI, but if you are missing something, just code your app in JSON - PavlOS can read JSON app files (every app in PavlOS is programmed in JSON).
Why should you try PavlOS?
  • Make you life easier with widgets.
  • You can make your custom apps in JSON.
  • It is quick and responsive.
  • Adjust everything you want in settings.
  • Safe platform with good security.
Learn everything about PavlOS below.
Make your life easier with widgets. Adjust your widgets on surface to make quick actions. More widgets are coming, so stay tuned!
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  • Every app is made in JSON - which is easy to program in.
  • Make your own app with own style.
  • Apps can have functions - change config files, make system operations, show data and more...
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PavlOS includes it's own security system to protect your computer from danger.


Interested? So why don't you try it out?